How to Buy a Good Gift: Valentine’s Day edition


Buying a gift for someone is something that a lot of people find to be really stressful. I happen to love buying or making gifts for people, it’s always an amazing feeling when someone REALLY likes what you got them.

For Valentine’s Day, there seems to be a lot at stake. But keep in mind, any gift you give does not have to be something that screams hearts and candies. Only you can decide on your budget, but there are a few good tips to keep in mind to make sure you get someone something that they’ll love you for.

These may seem like no-brainers, but sometimes simple things get lost when you’re wracking your brain.

Think of their hobbies – So simple. What does this person like to do? My boyfriend likes beer, so I could easily get him beer. Or something beer related for his homebrewing adventures, for example, I had a custom tap handle made for him a couple of years ago to put onto his kegerator.  If your other half likes to hit the gym, you could get them a fitness tracker… for a Valentine’s Day couple-y twist, get one for both of you and work out together!

Figure out what they do they do to treat themselves – Valentine’s Day is not just for chocolates anymore! If your boo likes spicy stuff, put together a sriracha pretzel mix or a specialty hot sauce. If you have a health food nut, hit up your local Whole Foods or Health Food store and pick up an assortment of healthy snacks. Does your girl love to take baths? Lush makes some serious bubble bars and bath bombs that are to die for. Or you can make your own. Or you can make a nice body scrub yourself. I know whiskey can be a real love for some, why not get a really nice bottle of aged whiskey or a sampler pack of a few kinds. You can get gourmet coffee blends.

If you want to get a floral arrangement, branch out. Red roses are the sign of the holiday, but what is your girl’s favorite flower? It makes a much more of an impact if you make the gift personal.

If you must do chocolate (I know I can destroy a box of chocolates), forego the cheap box of chocolates at the grocery store or drug store. Opt for a local chocolatier. In Delaware, there’s a lovely family owned chocolate company called Govatos that has been churning out chocolate for over 100 years. Pair it with a favorite bottle of wine! …Or just get a whole bunch of wine!

Go for a Cuteness Attack! – Make a little scrapbook of your adventures and give it to them. I use Walgreen’s photo book making service, but there’s always Shutterfly. Make cheesecake conversation hearts (they are so cute I just can’t stand it! I know I still like getting stuffed animals as Valentine’s Day presents. It’s something my mom used to do for me as a kid.

Plan an activity to do together. Giving an item is all well and good, but giving an experience can leave a lasting impression. What you do entirely depends on your budget and how long you’ve known the person. You don’t want to come on too strong! Instead of going out to dinner, recreate the high class dining experience at home for a more personal touch and some savings! If you live in the DE, PA, MD, NJ area, go to Longwood Gardens and check out Orchid Extravaganza! You could also take a weekend trip to a romantic place like a cabin in the mountains. Pick something that just the two of you can enjoy together!




Boo Bark

I hope everyone’s January is going well! Luckily, the weather has held out so far and we haven’t had any brushes with a polar vortex or snowmageddon. Since it’s the middle of January, I figured now would be a good time to start getting some ideas ready for Valentine’s Day. Most of the time i like to put a personal touch on my gifts, I feel like it means more that way and since the holiday is about showing love for other people it just makes sense. Last year, I painted a canvas green and drew a celtic knot “H” for my boyfriend to hang on the blank wall of his bedroom above his bed. He loves anything Irish and green and I thought the H would be a nice representation of his family name.


A couple of years ago I used a silicone mold to melt down several different colors of crayons to make my niece some chunky heart shaped crayons that were easy to hold and fun to look at.

This year, I wanted to start off with a festive snack! I decided to bring back a dessert that my mom used to make when I was a teenager. Before you get the idea that this is going to be some fancy affair, you should know my mom hates to cook or bake. I moved out of her house last July and she hasn’t touched the oven since. I’m not sure where she found the recipe initially but it uses the stovetop AND the oven and was always something that I couldn’t help but scarf down. They’re dangerously addicting, I swear!

VDay Bark

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