Baby season

A lot of my friends are having babies in the upcoming months! This is the first year that I’ve really had multiple friend babies due, and I normally like to make some/most of the gift so I have a lot of crafting to do!

This weekend, I went to a baby shower for two of my friends whose baby girl is due in the beginning of March.

I made several things for this shower and I
wanted to share what I came up with!


I had a lot of fun picking the fabrics for this one! The bib was already finished and was based on a pattern for a bib that I got 5 years ago for free at a Joann Fabrics. It has pink terry cloth on the back to make it more absorbent and practical. I’ve been really into teal lately and there’s no shortage of fabric in that color so it was an easy fabric choice.

The other two items were made based on tutorials from The Crafted Sparrow, they were pretty easy to follow if you want to give it a try, but I always recommend pinning! The two rolled up items are burp cloths that are backed with flannel to make them cozier. I usually like to make baby items in fabric that doesn’t scream “infant,” I like to use adult prints over nursery fabrics. I feel like it adds a bit of interest to things that are normally pastel pink, purple, or blue. I’ve been really into the teal/aquamarine pink color combination that has been showing up lately. It’s especially prominent on “Jane the Virgin” on the CW, and I just can’t stop watching that show! So I made the taggie blanket in pink and teal to tie the bib in with the burp cloths. The back of the blanket is heart embossed minky to make it extra snuggly.

I have a couple things on my list to try for the other upcoming babies such as a travel diaper changing mat, but with the short turn around time between kids, we will see what I can pull off!



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